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4 Reasons to Schedule a Routine Dental Appointment Today

August 19, 2020

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Female patient at routine visit with dentist

Did you know that nearly 50% of adults don’t visit the dentist annually? Whether it is the current pandemic, a dental phobia, or a jam-packed schedule, patients across the U.S. are finding ways to justify putting off their routine visits. If you have found yourself considering postponing as well, it is important to know that your bi-yearly trip to the dentist does more than just check for tooth decay. Read on for four reasons why you should schedule your regular appointment today!

Reason #1: Oral Cancer Screenings (and Other Non-Dental Issues)

All too often, patients dismiss their routine visits as just an appointment to check for cavities. While detecting early warning signs of tooth decay is a crucial part of your dental exam, it is important to note that your dentist looks for non-dental issues as well. After all, 90% of health conditions have oral symptoms, which means your dental team could play an instrumental role in early detection and intervention. Therefore, your dentist will spend a portion of your bi-yearly appointment looking for symptoms of oral cancer, HIV, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

Reason #2: Only Professional Cleanings Can Easily Remove Plaque

Although brushing and flossing are vital to keeping your teeth in tip-top shape, the tools you have at home are no match for the professional-grade instruments your dentist has at their office. By undergoing a professional cleaning twice a year, stubborn plaque and built-up tartar can thoroughly be removed. That way, your oral health remains in pristine condition and is protected from dental issues like cavities.

Reason #3: Routine Visits Ensure Your Gums Are Healthy Too

When it comes to their dental care, many patients focus on their teeth before anything else. While your pearly whites are crucial to your oral health, the condition of your gums is equally as important. Fortunately, your dentist can monitor the integrity of your gums at your routine visits, which can protect you from issues like gum disease.

Reason #4: Regular Appointments Address Damage from Bad Dental Habits

In the moment, poor dental habits like smoking and nail-biting can be a stress-reliever or cure for boredom. Unfortunately, bad behaviors like these can wreak havoc on your teeth and leave them vulnerable to cracks, stains, and other dental damage. At your regular appointment, your dentist can treat injuries sustained from these habits and even help you put a plan in place to quit them altogether!

Between early detection of non-dental issues and preserving your healthy gums, your routine visits benefit your oral and overall health in more ways than one. Therefore, make sure to schedule your bi-yearly appointment so you can have peace of mind knowing your teeth and gums are in pristine condition for years to come!

About the Practice

Whether you need a routine cleaning, dental implants, or a complete smile makeover, the team at Dental Dynamics is ready to help with high-quality service and the personalized care they are known for. With their talented staff at their side, Dr. Jon Davidson, Dr. Rauf Yousuf, Dr. Alexander Katsnelson, and Dr. Gene Walchirk use their extensive clinical experience and genuine passion for dentistry to help their patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. If you would like to speak with their team about scheduling your bi-yearly visit, don’t hesitate to visit their website or give them a call at 847-329-9801.

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